Conversations On Change

Conversations on Change is just that, it is a way to discuss our pivot in a new direction. The entire world has under taken the challenge to find stability and regain equilibrium. The changes are rapid and rethinking change can be difficult to navigate. While no one could foresee such demanding shifts, there is an opportunity to reimagine community in effort to become more inclusive and innovative. Let us never forget that, although we have some differences, in this time , we are all the same.


Included here are conversations hosted by TiAira Neal with the Office of Diversity and Inclusion.  TiAira hosts virtual dialogues on ways that we can manage and support our campus community in effort to make the most of a very unique and challenging experience.

Episode 5: EDI and Career Services
Episode 4: Self Care with RUC Alum Life-Coach Jenn Gregg
Episode 3: Social Integrity | Zoom 5/6/2020
Episode 2: Shame and Help Seeking | Zoom 5/5/2020
Episode 1: Chaplains Losses and Lessons | Zoom 5/1/2020